Plush Shaun the Sheep Shoulder Side Bag

Plush Shaun the Sheep Shoulder Side Bag

If you’ve got the Plush Shaun the Sheep Shoulder Side Bag watching your back, pickpocketers might think twice about messing with you. Plus, think of all the smiles you’ll get when people see you sashaying the streets with the BBC’s most lovable character hanging off your shoulder. And no, they’re not making fun of you. They’re just jealous.

The shoulder bag takes the shape of Shaun’s wooly-white body, and his unmistakable black face and dangly legs accent the overall look. The bag comes with a centralized zippered compartment that holds your favorite belongings. Since the entire bag is plush, not much harm would be done if you were to say, turn abruptly on the bus and knock someone upside the head with it. And Shaun would be looking so cute with those big, googly eyes that plead forgiveness. Who could even get mad at you?

Shaun the Sheep Bag

Shaun the Sheep Style Bag Features

  • Cute Shaun the Sheep style with long legs and plush body.
  • Soft and comfortable plush.
  • It is also a nice decoration for you.

The Plush Shaun the Sheep Shoulder Side Bag goes for $10.21 at Focalprice.

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