Pixel Oven Mitts

Pixel Oven Mitts

A lot of us geeks have to eventually move out of our parents’ basements and into our own places. That usually means learning how to cook for ourselves, accumulating new kitchen stuff, and how bout getting rid of mom’s hand-me-down oven mitts from some craft fair? These 8-bit Pixel Oven Mitts are perfect for geeks who like puter graphics and cooking too.

Glued to LCD, LED, or plasma screens 24/7, the real world starts to look all pixelated. With hands outlined in black, the whiteness of the oven mitts give off an amplified, cartoon-like flair to further blur the lines of fantasy and reality.  Mickey Mouse would wear these gloves to a techno rave.

Pixel Oven Mitts

  • Material: Cotton with Polyester filling
  • Measures: 20cm W x 4cm D x 27.5cm H (approximate)
  • Weighs: 157g

The pair of Pixel Oven Mitts can be found at Firebox.com for £15.99 and BaronBob.com for $16.95.

If you need more geeky oven mitt options, you might also dig these Pac-Man Oven Mitts. Furthermore, the 8-Bit Flower Bouquet deserves an honorable mention for punchy kitchen decor.

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