Pink and Blue Cosplay Wig

pink and blue Cosplay LolitaWig with Pony Tails

While many people are born with beautiful locks of hair, you can bet your bottom dollar that nobody possesses naturally pink and blue hair like the characters in anime. To achieve a more distinct cartoon character look, don’t dye your hair. Instead, sport a bodacious, colorful wig such as the Pink and Blue Cosplay Wig.

Thanks to starlets like Nikki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, whose new movie is slated for release, having hair in any color of the rainbow is not so taboo. Even if it ever was, who cares? Geeks always just do their thing.

This fabulous fantasy, Japanese anime/cosplay wig is a wonderful soft pink and blue and has two long clip-on pony tails.

This pink and blue wig features long, flowing pink curls accented with blue streaks. The bangs are runway model perfect and will instantly convert you into someone frivolous, fun and bubble gummy.

You can find this beautiful Pink and Blue Cosplay Wig on for $80.

If you want to really to take the look over the top, throw on a pair of Anime Eye Glasses.

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Patra Beaulieu

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4 Responses to “Pink and Blue Cosplay Wig”

  1. iliana stockfelt Reply July 2, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    SUPER COOL!!! thanks for the post!

  2. Or for $20 less and of considerably greater quality….

  3. Is there really an anime character with this color of hair? I already own the wig but I can’t seem to find out. Heard from someone that it belonged to a character from Bleach.

  4. Anything pink suits girls very nicely and they look more beautiful in it. Pink color in wigs will add extra beauty as I can see the girl in the picture.

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