Pinch Hanger

Pinch Hanger

Hangers are the only way to go for the people who hate having to fold their shirts or dresses. But sometimes, hangers become a pain if you’ve got articles of clothing with neck holes that are too darn small. You’ve either got to slip in the hanger from the bottom opening, or risk stretching that neck hole just so you could position the hanger in place.

Designer Jaineel Shah probably experienced the same thing with hangers, which is why he came up with the design for the Pinch Hanger.

Pinch Hanger

The Pinch Hanger makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to either hang up your clothes, or remove them from the hangers. Just pinch the middle area to have the entire hanger collapse into or out of your clothes. It’s quick, simple, and easy and will save you loads of time struggling with hangers.

They’re still a concept design for now, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually become a reality since I know a lot of people would really find them useful.

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  1. Look fantastic. I personally hate hanging clothes up, it takes so long to wrestles them on and off the hangers. I usually end up just throwing them over the bar I hang things on rather than using a hanger. This would be a lot easier.

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