Piano CD Player and Radio

Piano CD Player and Radio

Cathay PK-24 is the name of this Japanese miniature grand piano featuring a CD player hidden under its lid, speakers on both sides and a built-in FM radio.

Five of the piano keys serves as playback controls, such as stop, play and skip. There are three different colors to choose from: black, white and pink.

The Piano CD Player is available in Asia for ¥19,000 (about $165 USD).

Piano CD Player and Radio

(Via technabob)

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9 Responses to “Piano CD Player and Radio”

  1. I wanna bye this cd player and I’m willing to pay anything, i need this player by 10 days. But I cannot read the information on the screen for it cannot translate to english. Can you help?

  2. I’m afraid that’s the only only webiste i know of. Maybe someone else knows an English website that has this product?

  3. Nice Man, Love it !

  4. I would like to know where I can find one of these CD players. Please let me know if you have any information on it . Thanks.

  5. That Looks Awsome and sound even better with great volume and great looks you never have to worry about one or the other! Pink, white or black they’re all so fab!

  6. Where can I get one! Awsome let me know

  7. its so cute,fabulous,you can carry it anywhere you wanted and the one who design that cutest piano was so great..

  8. piano instrumental Reply May 9, 2010 at 9:38 am

    this is so cool but where can I purchase it in Germany?

  9. I have one of these for sale… I’ve been looking for websites to get information on it before I sell but I can’t seem to find any. Can anyone help 😀

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