Photorito Lens Wrap

Photorito Camera Lens Wrap

So what do you get when you put burritos and camera lenses together? Ironically, you get something like the Photorito Lens Wrap. The Photorito wraps around your lenses so you can carry them around quickly when you’re transferring from one location to another during your shoots. It’s called as such because it looks like a burrito, albeit a really huge one since you really can’t expect camera lenses to be as teeny tiny and compact as the usual ingredients you’d find in this traditionally Mexican dish.

The Photorito Lens Wrap is made from a super-tough material called Tyvek. But it’s all cushy on the inside, as what’s cushioning your lenses into place is a thick neoprene filling.

Photorito Lens Wrap

Photorito Lens Wrap

It’s a protective lens wrap that looks like just like a burrito! Here’s how it works: wrap your lens up burrito-style in the padded sleeve, and a built-in band will hug your lens to keep it in place. The wrap itself is made of super-tough Tyvek (the stuff hazmat suits are made of!) and cushioned with neoprene.

  • Fits lens sizes from 24mm-200mm!
  • Protects your lens from bumps, drops, water, dust, and scratches
  • Made of super-tough & waterproof Tyvek; cushioned with neoprene
  • Snap band inside makes it a cinch to fold

The Photorito Lens Wrap is available from Photojojo for $20.

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