Pen with 4GB USB Drive and Laser Pointer


Korean ball point pens with built-in USB drives isn’t something we haven’t seen before, a 1GB model was announced by Digix not that long ago.

This 4GB model from Narae Inter comes with one new bonus feature though, a laser pointer which can be charged through USB. According to Aving, the pen will cost around 99,000 Won (about $106 USD).


(Via Coolest Gadgets, Pocket-lint, SlashGear and Ubergizmo)

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4 Responses to “Pen with 4GB USB Drive and Laser Pointer”

  1. Modestus Kwashie Reply May 16, 2008 at 4:14 am

    Can you please send me more infomation about Pen with 4GB USB Drive and Laser Pointer and how to get one to buy


  2. Please follow the link in the news above for more information about the pen with laser pointer.

  3. could you display your price by IDR? or have you indonesia ebay

  4. Vira, we don’t sell or manufacture products at GeekAlerts. For more info about the “Pen with 4GB USB Drive and Laser Pointer”, please follow the link included in the article.

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