Parks And Recreation Vote Ron Swanson T-Shirt

Parks And Recreation Vote Ron Swanson T-Shirt

In most recent days, Mitt Romney hasn’t exercised good use of his word filter. But imagine if Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” was allowed up on the podium. Ron Swanson is probably the most blunt, most macho character ever created, and this is what his campaign shirt would look like: the Parks and Recreation Vote Ron Swanson T-Shirt.

Grumpy, offensive, opinionated, and a true believer in Capitalism, Swanson would run the country with an iron fist. But as the shirt says, he doesn’t want the job anyway. He’d rather work at the municipal level and be left alone to eat his meat and potatoes (with his own BBQ sauce, that is.) Too bad, because he’d probably win the 2012 presidential election.

This red, white and blue tee features Ron Swanson and the text “Vote for Swanson or don’t, he doesn’t want the job anyway.”
50% cotton; 50% polyester
Wash cold; dry low
Listed in men’s sizes

The Parks and Recreation Vote Ron Swanson T-Shirt is in the $20 range at Hot Topic, who is having a buy one get one 50% off promotion. Perfect if you want to get your cronies together and rally for Swanson in mass. has similar one for about $20 but it’s made of 100% cotton, if you’re not into synthetics.

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