Panda Pocket Dress

Panda Pocket Dress

What’s black and white and sexy all over? It’s the Panda Pocket Dress.

Everybody equates pandas with cuteness, but the cute adjective doesn’t quite describe this unique article of clothing. It’s definitely not for teenage girls but it’s not for cougars either. This dress is for the girl who’s playful, loves animals, loves her curves and wants to wear things that other girls aren’t wearing.

Panda Pocket Dress

  • This adorable black and white dress features a button-eyed panda face with black front pockets.
  • 25″ long
  • 80% polyester; 17% rayon; 3% spandex
  • Wash cold; line dry

The dress’s wide black straps cleverly form a pair of panda ears right above the bustier. The panda’s eyes are not directly centered on the bosom, avoiding an overly obnoxious look. The front pockets, which seem to be the panda’s arms, curve inward to create a slimming effect at the waist, as well as provide a hangout for your hands. And the back of the dress flaunts a wishbone shape on top, while the black and white contrasts to give you a lovely, feminine silhouette.

You can find the Panda Pocket Dress at Hot Topic and for $39.50.

If you’re more into zombies and unicorns, there is an equally stunning dress called the Hell Bunny Zombie Unicorn Dress that’s available at the same retailers.

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