Palo Alto Audio Musik Digital Multimedia Speakers

Palo Alto Audio Musik Digital Multimedia Speakers

Are you looking for a set of affordable computer speakers that will perform as well as they look? The Palo Alto Audio Musik Digital Multimedia Speakers offer a great balance between size, cost and functionality. Needing only a USB cable for audio power, these speakers allow you to maintain a clutter free work environment.

The Musik Speakers also offer crystal-clear sound without compromising on volume. Their volume range is four times larger than most other USB-powered speaker systems and ensures full-digital sound without analog noise.

If you enjoy features, you’ll enjoy all the Musik has to offer including a digital USB connection, full-digital amplifier, curvy exterior and high-tech interior, and portability that allows you to enjoy cutting edge sound when you are on the go.

Musik Digital Multimedia Speakers

Palo Alto Audio Musik Digital Multimedia Speakers
Musik is a true hi-fi speaker without cable clutter that makes an ideal partner for your Mac or PC. The Digital USB interface delivers bit-perfect audio streaming while the robust digital amplifier plays with only the use of USB power.

  • Quick and effortless set-up with no cord-clutter
  • Hi-fi sound with expanded bass
  • Loudness that exceeds other USB-powered speakers
  • Unique design that looks great next to your Mac or PC

You can purchase the portable Palo Alto Audio Musik Digital Multimedia Speakers from the Apple Store for $59.95 with free shipping, at from $39.95 and at Best Buy for $40.98 with free shipping.

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  1. I bought these for our IMac which is three years old, and the sound on the IMAC speakers is better. These are clearly meant for a laptop. Now trying to use them on my Lenovo ThinkPad that’s a couple years old, plugged into the USB and they don’t play anything even though machine says they are plugged in. Where can I get a driver? Apple store needs to be more clear about what these are intended for – namely laptops. Thanks.

  2. Well, I bought the speakers but cannot get them to work with my iMac. Big waste of money. I say don’t buy them in the first place.

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