Pac-Man Ghost Made from Recycled IKEA Dresser

Wooden Pac-Man Ghost

Pixelparty, the Etsy member who did the cool Ms. Pac-Man Hairpins, has now created a wonderful wooden Pac-Man ghost wall decoration.

Woody is made from a recycled ikea dresser. Moving and overfilling the drawers reduced it to a pile of rubble and boxer shorts. I just couldn’t bear to throw away all that wood.

Woody is 7″ square, his eyes are cut from paper and he is coated in a clear glossy epoxy. He’s so shiny you’ll want to lick him, but I don’t recommend it. He has a hole cut on her back so he can hang on a nail.

Woody is yours for $30. There‚Äôs only one in stock, so you better hurry…

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