Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

It’s a sad fact of life: the older you are, the more wrinkles you get. There are some people who can’t stand the thought of having hundreds, even thousands of fine lines all over their face. Unless you’ve discovered the fountain of youth, you can’t stay young forever. That’s why there are contraptions like the Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece and the Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise Machine.

And then there’s the Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher. In case you can’t tell from the name, this one is meant for your forehead area. Specifically, on your brows.

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What it promises to do is let you combat those wrinkles in between your brows. Unlike the other devices, there’s no facial exercise required. In fact, all you have to do is wear this thing before you go to bed, and you’re all set. What it does to prevent those wrinkles from making an appearance is stretch your skin out. According to the maker, there are a series of “infrared dots” on the inside of the band that work by heating your skin up. (I’d really like to know what these infrared dots are, though.)

Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

  • Size: free (fits head size 54-59cm, 21.3-23.2″)
  • Made from nylon, polyurethane, silicone
  • Made in Japan

If you’re conscious about wrinkles on your forehead and aren’t really willing to fork over thousands for plastic surgery, then theĀ Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher might do you some good. It’s available from the Japan Trend Shop for $60.

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