Introducing Orbitwheels, a close cousin of the Skatecycle shown in an earlier post. These curious contraptions are modernized skates that don’t require lacing up and are more compact than roller blades.

All you need are two feet. Step one foot into the middle of each wheel’s foot rest and move your legs forward and backward, opposite each other.

Orbitwheels are quick on and off, and require moving sideways to get where you want to go, similar to a skateboard. But with the larger wheels on Orbitwheels, you can ride on rougher terrain than concrete, such as on grass. Your legs are free to move so that you can do rollerskate-like spins and come up with some interesting tricks.

Inventist, the company that brought us the Solowheel Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle, was also behind the creation of Orbitwheels. Like concept cars, Inventist’s products are a step ahead, boasting originality in engineering and design.

Orbitwheels are $89.99 at Amazon.com or $99 at Skymall.com.

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