Optimus Maximus Style Laptop Keyboard

Optimus Maximus Style Laptop Keyboard

The guys over at Laptop News Daily are speculating about the possibility of using the Optimus Maximus style OLED technology for laptop keyboards.

Each key image can be fully customized, separately for any of the applications used. Language layout can be easily switched. There is no need to display secondary symbols like !ӣ$% on the keys, they will appear automatically after SHIFT is pressed. And you can get rid of some annoying keys that you never use, like, in my case, the one just below Esc.

Check out the Optimus Maximus Style Keyboard for Laptops? story over at Laptop News Daily for more information and pictures.

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7 Responses to “Optimus Maximus Style Laptop Keyboard”

  1. plz send me price of laptop keyboard .
    from kuwait

  2. We don’t sell products at GeekAlerts. For more information about the “Optimus Maximus Style Laptop Keyboard”, please follow the link included in the article.

  3. I’m always using tilde (key below esc), although I can see why more people do not than do.

    I am always switching to the dev console in games with it as it seems to be the preferred hotkey. I guess it doesn’t have much use outside gaming which is why it is used.

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