Office Space Bobbleheads

Office Space Bobbleheads Peter Mr. Lumbergh and Milton

Leave it to Diamond Select to capture three great characters from the cult classic movie, “Office Space”.  Peter, Mr. Lumbergh and Milton are all back as Office Space Bobbleheads.  There is no better way to get you through a long work week then to have one of these bobbleheads sitting on your desk reminding you of how bad it really could be…Remember Initech.  Could you imagine being Milton, the guy gets zero respect, no paycheck and still only really wants his red stapler stapler back.  Peter on the other hand turns out to be one lucky dude.  Carefree, working outside with no walls and he has Joanna, aka Jennifer Aniston at his side.  Nice!

Office Space Bill Lumbergh Bobblehead

The perfect cure for a “Case of the Mondays,” these Office Space bobbleheads feature 7″ depictions of your favorite characters from the crazy cult of cubicles – the apathetic Peter, the overbearing Bill Lumbergh, and the unpredictable Milton! Sculpted by Rudy Garcia, each bobble head features hilarious sound bytes from the film!

  • Each figure is 7″ tall
  • Feature sounds bytes from the movie Office Space
  • A great way to remind yourself that it could be worse; you could work at Initech

You can purchase these Office Space Bobbleheads at from $10.99 for Peter, Bill Lumbergh and Milton.  They are in limited stock, so remember to check back if they are sold out.

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  1. Best bobbles ever!

  2. Does anyone know where to buy these?

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