Oculus Rift Gaming Headset


The Oculus Rift Gaming Headset was designed to let you enjoy gaming in virtual reality. Currently, it’s available for order as a developer kit that provides two independent images, one for each eye, so your view should match whatever you’re able to see in real life.

Moving your head around will allow you to look around inside the game that you are playing, and it gets you as close to virtual reality as currently possible.

  • The Oculus Rift’s video input is DVI, though that can be converted to HDMI with an adapter. Converting the signal does not impact the performance of the Oculus Rift.
  • The computer must have an HDMI or DVI video-out port. Note that VGA is unsupported at this time. Other than that, there are no minimum specifications, though the more powerful the computer, the better the experience will be. Any standard gaming computer should be sufficient to use the Oculus Rift.
  • The Oculus Rift developer kit will target PC-only. We hope to make the headset compatible with major consoles and mobile devices in the future.
  • It delivers a compelling, immersive 3D VR experience.

The developer kit of the Oculus Rift Gaming Headset is available for $300.

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