O2 Cocoon Phone Review

O2 Cocoon

My friend Mikael over at Fosfor Gadgets has a nice review with lots of photos and a video of the beautiful O2 Cocoon phone.

O2 Cocoon – review [Fosfor Gadgets]

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11 Responses to “O2 Cocoon Phone Review”

  1. that is so COOL looking!

  2. i am suffering from using this phone, i would not recommend it…it’s slow and isn’t as good as it sounds.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with the O2 Cocoon phone, Koorni!

  4. shut up leahh mackenziee

  5. where do i buy the cable for the O2 cocoon ?

  6. JC, we don’t sell or manufacture products at GeekAlerts. For more info about the O2 Cocoon Phone, please follow the link included in the article.

  7. nice phone!

  8. I wouldn’t recommend it as it is definately not as good as it sounds. I have a problem also with mine that i can’t save pictures which is very annoying. ):

  9. my daughter has had a o2 cocoon for 10 months the charger has melted and it trips the usb connection on my pc seems to have no overload protection suggest you charge on a asbestos mat or at local o2 shop

  10. give me a price list of o2 phone

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