Novelty Finger Hooks

Novelty Finger Hooks

If you’re not a very huge fan of Facebook (and hence, you won’t really get what the deal is with the Facebook Like Hanger), then you might want to give it the boot and show it the finger. Well, not the finger on your hand, but the Novelty Finger Hooks that is.

It’s definitely a whole new take on being able to “work your fingers” or be “handy with your digits.” It’s a bit on the creepy side though, so we wouldn’t recommend that you put these hooks in your grandmother’s bathroom unless you want to give her a heart attack.

Novelty Finger Hooks

Novelty Finger Hooks

These fingers look fairly realistic and they’ll lend you a hand by holding your hat or bag. Plus, since they’re fixed to the wall, all your stuff will be in plain sight: it’s the perfect gift for people who never know where they’ve left whatever was in their hands just a moment before.

Screw it into the wall without any additional nuts or screws. The box includes four hooks that you can arrange on the wall to suit your taste.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Once you screw it in the wall, it sticks out 5.7 cm (2.25 inches).
  • Size: 2.5 cm long (1 inch).
  • The finger hook has a screw on the back so you can attach it directly to the wall.

The Novelty Finger Hooks are available from Curiosite for $14.23.

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