Note Me Cushions

Note Me Pillows

My mom was a huge nagger. She’d get on my case for forgetting to turn the lights off, or for not returning the glass/bottle/remote/whatever to its proper place (even while I was still using it, mind you.) I still love her all the same, but sometimes I really want to take a break from all the white noise. So the next time I drop over my parents’ place, I know what to bring with me: Note Me Pillows.

She doesn’t have to say a word, not with these pillows. All she has to do is scribble on them and write down whatever reminders she might have for me, and that’s that. No words, no sounds–just wonderful silence and a whole lot of peace.

Note Me Pillows

Note Me Pillows

Tiny post-its have become passé. Sometimes you end up leaving messages on a bit of paper that’s so small, the person it’s intended for never actually sees it.

When you have something important to say, it’s best you write it on… a cushion! And don’t worry, because these messages are erasable.

Just make sure you use the special marker that comes with the cushion (it’s attached to the side of the cushion on a strap), and when you want to make your message disappear, all you have to do is rinse the cushion’s cover in cold water. No detergent required.

The Note Me Pillows are available from Curiosite for $28.53.

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