Nose Flute

Nose Flute

Some people create sweet music using the usual musical instruments, like pianos and guitars. Some bang out awesome beats using computer programs and software. And then there’s the minority that sniffles out some harmonies with the help of the Nose Flute.

We all know the usual flute is meant to be blown into. But there’s no blowing or holding necessary with the Nose Flute. Simply position it over your noise, and push air out of your nose (make sure nothing else comes out along with the air, though.)

Nose Flute

Nose Flute

Make music that Beethoven and Mozart could NEVER touch. Imagine yourself in the Metropolitan Opera House, standing on the stage, moments before showtime. Millions of dollars worth of instruments around you when you reach for your $5.99 Nose Flute. The curtain raises and you proceed to bring the audience to its knees. They cheer for your unparalleled melodies and harmonizations. You’ve done it, you’ve finally become the Superstar we’ve known you were. We’re crying tears of joy because we’re so proud of how we raised you! The Nose Flute fits snugly under your nostrils and utilizes your mouth as the pitch variable.

TheĀ Nose Flute is available from for $3.95.

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