Nintendo Wii Controller and i-SOBOT (Video)

i-SOBOT and Wii

This brand new video shows an i-SOBOT robot being controlled by arm gestures with the help of the Nintendo Wii controller and the Nunchaku attachment. At the heart of the video is the free Robodance 4 software.

System requirements:

  • Windows PC running Windows 2000 or better (Windows XP is recommended for the Skype control system)
  • Infrared transmitter: USB UIRT or Lego Mindstorms SERIAL tower (not USB)
  • Nintendo Wii Controller and Nunchaku attachment (Wii console *not* required)
  • Bluetooth transceiver (note many systems, especially laptops, already have a Bluetooth transceiver)
  • Microphone headset (for voice control usage)

A “pre-test” version of Robodance 4 will be out before Christmas, by December 23 of this year. While somewhat lacking in polish and sporting a fair number of bugs, it is fully functional.

The formal release will be the end of February 2008, but if you’re adventurous and would like to help test Robodance 4’s WiiMote support and gesture recognition capability, you can get that chance in about a week.

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Thanks to Robert Oschler at Robots Rule!

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