Nintendo Super Mario Red Mushroom Keyring

Nintendo Super Mario Red Mushroom Keyring

As fans of retro gaming, we’ve found a lot of cool products featuring Nintendo Super Mario Mushrooms. There was the Mushroom Beanie, Mushroom LED Lamp, Mushroom Massage Pillow, Mushroom Scarf, Mario Mushroom Candy, and much more. Now we have a new one, the Nintendo Super Mario Red Mushroom Keyring, handmade by Sally Faye from Barnstaple, England.

This keychain would be a great gift idea for Mario fans and other retro-gaming enthusiasts that love unique, handmade products. It is made of red, white, and black beads and has an attached keyring. Although it is small enough to fit easily in your pocket, it is instantly recognizable as a Super Mario Mushroom.

Handmade Nintendo Super Mario Mushroom Keychain

This red and white beaded Super Mario Mushroom keyring measures 4cm by 3cm (1.5″ by 1.25″), small enough to join your keys but big enough to make a statement.

I just love retro games and all the images that come with them. So in honour of this I am creating a range of gaming related items!

The Super Mario Red Mushroom Keyring is available for £3 ($5) at the WildEmporium shop on If red isn’t your color, there is also a very similar Green Mushroom Keychain.

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