Night Owl Sleep Masks

Night Owl Sleep Masks

If you’re a night person, you need to sleep during the day when sunlight can make sleeping difficult. Block out the sun and look super-cute with these Night Owl Sleep Masks. These are also a must-have if you have a roommate that wakes up before you or if you are a frequent air traveler.

Night Owl Sleep Mask

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? With the adorable Night Owl Sleeping Mask from the NeatoShop you can finally get all the winks you deserve.

Night Owl Sleeping Masks

Night Owl Sleeping Masks

  • Super cute sleeping mask shaped like owl’s eyes
  • 6 assorted colors: Blue, Pink, Gray, Purple, Orange, and Yellow
  • Made from comfy polyester fleece
  • Size: 4-1/2″ x 7-3/4″ (11 cm x 19.5 cm)

Purchase Night Owl Sleeping Masks for $8.95 from

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  1. LOL! Those sleeping masks are awesome!

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