New Cadence 4-Bit Watches

Cadence 4-Bit Chrono Watch

We already showed you the 4-Bit Watches from Cadence before, but now there are brand new models of Cadence 4-Bit Watches. The new watches announced this week are the 4-Bit Retrograde and 4-Bit Chrono models. Like the other 4-bit watches, these new ones use 4-bit binary for each hour marker. However, the new Chrono model adds a chronograph function, while the Retrograde models feature dual-time display.

Cadence 4-Bit Retrograde Watches

Cadence 4-Bit Retrograde Watches

Kicking off the lineup is the new 4-Bit Retrograde watch, not only displaying the local time in 4-bit binary this watch also displays dual time or Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) so you’ll always know the time on the mother ship. Available with a black or white face this watch has a striking 43mm stainless steel case with stylish leather wristband.

Cadence 4-Bit Chrono Watches

Cadence 4-Bit Chrono UTC and Chrono Watches

Also utilizing the functionality of UTC, the 4-Bit UTC Chrono is a classy timepiece that features a chronograph. It has a stylish appearance with a 43mm stainless steel case and the luminescent hands set against a primarily black face and genuine black leather strap.

Last but certainly not least, for techies who want the functionality of the chronograph but have no need for UTC, Cadence has designed the 4-Bit Chrono. Boasting a 43mm stainless steel case and leather wristband, this watch is classy enough to wear on any occasion.

4-Bit Watches are sold at The 4-Bit Retrograde and 4-Bit Chrono watches are $185 each, while the 4-Bit Chrono UTC watch is $195. These new models are not listed quite yet, but they are expected to be on sale soon.

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