NES Controller Storage Box

NES Controller Storage Box

The wonderful GeekGear Shop over at Etsy gives us yet another example of a fun and creative way to use of the classic NES controller.

Gone are the lazy crazy days of the 80’s when video game controllers had less buttons than you have fingers. The question is what to do with all these old video game controllers.

Well this original Nintendo controller was saved from the landfill and recycled into a nifty storage box. The box is 5 inches long by 2 inches wide and just a bit over 1/2 inch tall.

The original buttons have been glued into place and there is just enough room to store your keys, mints, some spare change, push pins, paper clips or loose nuts, bolts and screws. (You get the idea)

This would make a great gift for that computer repair tech that is always looking to store a few extra screws on his desk!

Vintage Nintendo (NES) Controller Storage Box (1985) ($9.99)

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