Neostitch iPhone 4 Case

Neostitch iPhone 4 Case

The iPlunge Phone Stand had personality, the Snow Peak Titanium iPhone Case was classy, while the Hand iPhone Case was downright creepy. So how does the Neostitch iPhone 4 Case compare to all its other case competitions?

Simple: because it’s downright creative and personalized. However, given the highly customized nature of the case since you get to choose the design and all, you will also need to be the one who makes it, one stitch at a time. The Neostitch iPhone 4 Case set includes the case with perforations so you can weave the needle in and out easily to form your design, as well as thread and two needles.

Neostitch iPhone 4 Case

Neostitch iPhone 4 Case

Can’t find an iPhone case to suit your personality? Bored of all those blank rubbery ones and corporate-looking leather jobs? Then get busy with a needle and thread and design your own with the Neostitch iPhone 4 Case.

Totally ingenious, this customizable case is covered with tiny perforations, just like a needlepoint canvas. Simply use the accompanying needle and thread to cross-stitch your design and presto – a completely original iPhone case designed by little ol’ you. Each case comes with two needles and thread in three different colors, so you can sew in band logos, pixellated gaming icons, infantile swear words.

The Neostitch iPhone 4 Case is available from Firebox for $32.

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  1. Different enough that I think these cases would sell in our iPhone 4 case and accessories line up.

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