Neatorama Launching Upcoming Queue

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Some of you might be aware of the fact that I’m one of the authors over at Neatorama. With the launch of the new feature “Upcoming Queue“, you can also be a contributer.

Here’s how this new feature works:

Do you have a blog and would like it featured on Neatorama? Have you ever found something neat/funny/weird on the Web and would like to share it with all of Neatorama’s readers? Now you can.

Of course, there needs to be a mechanism to separate good posts from bad ones (like spam, for instance). The Upcoming Queue makes this easy by letting you vote good posts up and bad ones down. Posts that gather a lot of positive votes will then be promoted to the blog’s front page.

Learn more about it all in the Neatorama Upcoming Queue post where you also can read about the chance for you to get your hands on a free iPod Touch or T-shirt.

Good luck with you submissions!

P.S. I’ve just published a post about the return of GeekAlerts over at Neatorama.

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