Nacho Cheese Flavored Mints

Cheesy Nacho Mints

People pop mints into their mouths because they want to freshen up their breath, maybe with hints of peppermint or something a bit more fruity. I don’t think the intention is to have a peppermint-with-nacho-cheese scented breath, as you’d get if you chewed on a few of these Nacho Cheese Flavored Mints.

The Nacho Cheese Flavored Mints serves up a distinct nacho cheese flavor with hints of spiciness without the usual gooeyness of nacho cheese. If you’re up for a different flavor, try the Bacon Flavored Mints or Fruitcake Mints instead.

Nacho Cheese Flavored Mints

Nacho cheese is perhaps the finest pumpable condiment ever created. We’re still not sure exactly what’s in it, but perhaps it’s best not to pry. These Nacho Mints may not be warm and gooey, but they do offer a burst of flavor reminiscent of processed cheese and spices. Each 2-1/4″ (5.7 cm) round tin contains about one hundred mints.

The Nacho Cheese Flavored Mints are available at from $2.40.

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