Mystical Fire Color Packs

Mystical Fire Color Packs

Here at GeekAlerts, we love a variety of geeky stuff.  LEGOs, Star Trek and Star Wars are some of our favorites, but we also like outdoor survival stuff like: SurvivalStraps, Bear Grylls Survival Kit, and the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter.  We think the Mystical Fire Color Packs fall somewhere in between since they can be used outdoors at a camp fire or indoors if your have a fireplace.  Enjoy up to 40 minutes of blue, red, green, pink and purple colors while you relax around your fire.  Throwing a few color packs on the fire is a great way to entertain friends and family.

Mystical Fire Color Packs with Red, Blue, Green and Purple flames

Mystical Fire Color Packs

  • Turn any fire into a show of vibrant blue, green, purple and red
  • Lasts up to 40 minutes
  • Use 1-3 unopened packages on any indoor/outdoor wood burning fire
  • Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin
  • Keep in a cool, dry area
  • Use in a well ventilated area
  • Do not cook over colored flames
  • Each sachet measures approximately 10cm(L) x 6cm(W)

You can purchase the entertaining Mystical Fire Color Packs at Firebox in packs of 10 for £9.99 with free delivery and at from $.01 per pack.

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  1. Hi, are the chemicals used in this dangerous? We plan to use them on a campfire, but that same campfire would probably be used to heat up and cook burgers on stove plates a couple hours later. Is that safe?

    Could it harm the food?

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