My Monopoly

My Monopoly

If you’re a Monopoly fanatic that dreams of owning the board and dominating others with an endless gauntlet of hotels lined up against them, then My Monopoly is the Monopoly for you.

My MonopolyForget about Park Place, Boardwalk, and all those other places that you’ve never visited because this game lets you choose the setting. Why settle for B & O Railroad when you can have Jen’s Kebob Stand or Dad’s Tool Shed? The possibilities are virtually endless so stretch your imagination to its limits to create locations like Bad Breath Alley or keep things simple and make the places you know and love around your hometown part of the game.

In addition to the traditional Monopoly board, you can also choose from themes that include Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, or New Home, and in addition to choosing names and selecting icons for the squares, you can also give the board your own unique spin by creating the title that goes across the board.

My Monopoly

If you’re not really into Monopoly but you know someone who is, it’s easy to send a Monopoly voucher their way so they can create their own version of the board game, and you don’t have to worry about them being disappointed because the customized board is printed at the official Monopoly factory, so no cheapo knockoffs here.

Leave St. James Place behind and settle down in geography of your own making with My Monopoly for $125.49 from Firebox.

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