My Big Gun Family Car Window Sticker

My Big Gun Family Car Decal

In this day and age where any little bit of information can be used to hurt you, people putting informative stickers on their cars have always intrigued me. Do you really want everyone to know how many kids you have, what their names are, what school they are honor students at, etc.? Well I guess quite a few of you actually do, since weekend morning commutes are usually congested with over-sized SUVs bearing a family trees worth of information.

For those of us preferring to make light of the car sticker phenomenon, things like the Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family Car Decals, Star Wars Decals and Zombie Family Decals, are good for a few snide looks from your neighborhood soccer moms. And when you really want to take it up a notch, apply the My Big Gun Family Car Window Sticker to your vehicle and show everyone what’s really important to you and those of us ready for the apocalypse.

You can keep your son and daughter; I think I’ll stick with my rocket launcher, AK-47 and AR-15.

My Big Gun Family Car Window Sticker

  • The Highest Quality Engineering Grade 7 Years Outdoor Avery Vinyl
  • Approximate Size: 7.5 inch X 5.25 inch
  • Decal will come as 3 parts – the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the clear transfer tape.
  • Die Cut – Not a cheap paper Sticker with No Background

Designed by Stickerciti, you can order your own My Big Gun Family Car Decal for only $3.50 with free shipping (no minimum purchase required) at

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  1. We here at couldn’t agree more. Which is why we are so concerned another company, in this case, stickerciti, is using our trademarked slogan. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, so we say thank you. However, we have asked our lawyers to get involved by sending a cease and desist letter. So, geek alerts . . . any chance you can make it up to us by letting people know we exist? If yes, we can be found at the website above and – – – if not, we still think your site is pretty cool and thank you and all your viewers for their time.

  2. Or check out

    Making Gun Family Decal Stickers Since 2007:)

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