Mustache Bandages

Mustache Bandages

Magnum P.I., Ron Burgundy, famous baseball player Rolly Fingers and many more. They all had some great mustaches. But not everyone can grow a classic mustache. Well, don’t worry. These Mustache Bandages will help you out.

They aren’t just for cuts and scrapes. They also give you an easy way to apply a mustache under your nose. And if you happen to actually need a bandage, why you will just have an extra mustache wherever your wound is. This is one seriously manly way to cover up scrapes and cuts.

Novelty Mustache Bandages

Mustache Bandages

  • That’s not a scratch, that’s Mr. Elbow!
  • Turn any minor injury into a jovial personified body part with these Mustache Bandages.
  • Each 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) tall metal pocket tin contains fifteen 3″ x 1″ (7.6 cm x 2.5 cm) latex-free adhesive bandages with sterile gauze.
  • BONUS!!! Get a FREE PRIZE to take your mind off of the excruciating pain.
  • Four different styles in each tin.

You get 12-15 sterile and crazy bandages come in 2” x 4” tin with a free toy inside. Just $9.50 from Fredflare and starting at $1 at

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