Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder

Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder

If you’ve got a messy and cluttered desk, then we suggest getting a Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy to hold all that junk in and let the Zamboni Desk Vacuum suck up whatever is leftover. As for those rubber bands that have invaded your office desk and never seem to have a place to call home, we suggest getting the Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder to take care of the mess for you.  The more rubber bands the better; Mummy Mike likes to be wrapped!

Mummy Mike

Mummy Mike starts out just like any other mummy out there: motionless, green, and a whole lot of dead. Start wrapping your rubber bands around him as you unfurl papers and acquire rubber bands throughout your day at the office. You’ll be surprised to find Mike all wrapped up by the end of the week.

Mummy Mike

Mummy Mike

Mummy Mike is not lavender-scented, but he’s a fun and funky desk accessory that proclaims your love of walking like an Egyptian… or maybe just having easily accessible rubber bands. Wrap your rubbers around him. The more bands, the more mummy-like Mike will be. Hook him up with Splat Stan and Dead Fred for a trio of dead desk dudes. No need for rubber bands at your desk? Mummy Mike can also be used to store your extra hair ties. When the office A/C breaks (again) and you need to bust out the ponytailed look, you’ll be prepared.

  • Fun and unique rubber band holder
  • Wrap the green Mike up in your rubber bands to mummify him
  • Never hunt for rubber bands again
  • Ladies and ponytailed dudes – Mummy Mike can also hold hair ties
  • May make you walk like an Egyptian

Mummy Mike is available from ThinkGeek for $9.99.

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