Multicolor LED Flying Disc

Multicolor LED Flying Disc

If you’ve already covered your dog, pool, head, and feet with LEDs – what could be the next step? Maybe to make those light-emitting diodes airborne?

The Flashflight Disc-o LED Flying Disc, Multi-color ($15) has nine colorful LED lights around its perimeter, giving it a nice glow as it spins through the air.

Also available in the following models:

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Robert Birming

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3 Responses to “Multicolor LED Flying Disc”

  1. These light up frisbees are so Rad! I bought every color and my troops and I play all the time. Coolest product ever made, hands down.

  2. Cool, thanks for your comment Reid!

  3. Hey there, I’ve tried these discs and they are OK, but there are a lot of others that make LED discs like Wham-o, Aerobie, and Black Jax Sports. Of all of them (and I’ve tried them all because I’m a frisbee nut, ha!), I think the best ones are by Black Jax Sports…they fly really well and are super durable. The ones you show here broke on me within a few rounds of play. From what I hear Black Jax Sports are the ones that started all of this LED frisbee craze and they make them for Ultimate AND Disc Golf, pretty cool…anyways, just my two cents…

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