Moustache Peppermints

Moustache Peppermints

When a cousin of mine was much younger, he always used to complain about his non-existent mustache. It always irked him to see a full mustache on some of our other acquaintances. I think he was even jealous of inanimate objects that happened to have thick full mustaches;  just like the one you see on the Domo Mustache Plush. I bet he’d still be all riled up if he caught a glimpse of these Moustache Peppermints; although I’m sure he finally has is own fully grown in stache by now.

You can have your mints housed in something that looks like a beer can (Simpsons Duff Beer Can Mints), or pop horn-shaped mints into your mouth (Narwhal Horn Mints), or just pay a tribute to the stache with the mints housed in the mustache tin.

Moustache Peppermints

This handsome ‘stache tin is perfect for any fan of serious facial hair. Filled with peppermints this great tin is perfect for mustache lovers everywhere.

  • Tin of Peppermints
  • 0.6 Ounce of Mints
  • Measures 3.5W x 1H x 1D Inches

The Moustache Peppermints are available from Retro Planet for $3.99 per tin.

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