Motorcycle Mini Jet (Video)

Motorcycle Mini Jet

A man has modified this Honda Goldwing motorcycle to to look and sound like a jet fighter. The creation is registered as a motorcycle and it is street legal.

Here’s a video of the awesome Honda Goldwing mini jet:

(Boing Boing Gadgets via Geekologie)

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11 Responses to “Motorcycle Mini Jet (Video)”

  1. Kudos. Well written article. Very odd, a motorcycle mini jet lol?

  2. Wow… it’s…. interesting. The guy clearly is intelligent and good at designing / building things. I just think his talents could have gone towards something a bit more… useful?

  3. training wheels? oh I get it landing wheels.. maybe he got tired of laying the two wheels over…

    it’s pretty cool … looks better than a goldwing.

  4. :] he comes into my work all the time, there are always tons of people taking pictures and gawking haha

  5. Four words come to mind.

    Team America…. F**K yeaaahhhh….

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