If I had the perfect body shape, then I’d slip into one of these Morphsuits without hesitation. While these suits have no concrete use or function per se, they’re light and extremely breathable for whatever purpose you may want to use them for.

In a way, these remind me of that shape-shifting character in the X-men saga, Mystique. Maybe because one of the suits is actually blue.

You might think that it might be a little stifling and hard to breathe and move when you’re in that thing, but it’s so thin that you can still see and breathe through the suit. Perfect for when you’re thinking of performing some stunts but don’t really want to show your face or reveal your identity.



Zipping up from the back, these colorful little numbers are thin enough to allow the wearer to see and even drink without removing the hood. Very handy in a marathon. Oh alright – and festivals, nightclubs, house parties, sporting events and anywhere else a grown-up in a stretchy romper suit might raise a giggle.

  • All in one Lycra body suit
  • Zips up from the back
  • Wearer can see through the material, but can’t be seen
  • Wearer can drink through the material
  • Shoes recommended

Each of these Morphsuits retail at $64 and are available from Firebox.  If you are looking for another way to hide your face when you do embarrassing things, checkout the Protective Sunglasses and Captain America Movie Mask.

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  1. Morphsuits are awesome. We ordered 30 morphsuits for our last trip to watch a rugby tournament in South Africa. Was such a hit – we were the centre of attention. And the women there loved it…
    Check out the video of us singing a sports song at the games:

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