Morph It Dough Modelling Game

Morph It Dough Modelling Game

Not up for real charades? If you and your friends or family are looking forward to a relaxing yet fun-filled night, then you might want to turn to the Morph It Dough Modelling Game, which is more or less like charades via molded figures.

In the Morph It Dough Modelling Game you deal with Morph and Chas, who players from each team will mold into various positions and actions so their team can guess what action they’re performing. No need to be a master molder because like charades, it’s more on who can improvise better than who’s the more talented one here.

Morph It Dough Modelling Game

Morph It Dough Modelling Game

Morph and Chas were always at their funniest when they were going head to head. And now you can join in their ongoing feud. Side with Morph or Chas and put your modelling skills to the test with Morph It Dough Modelling Game.

In this retooled game of charades, teams take it in turns to shape and mold modelling clay into a prop for these classic characters to use, carry or wear. The rest of the team have to guess the action that Morph or Chas is performing. Guess in time and win!

The Morph It Dough Modelling Game is available from Firebox for £19.99 ($32.)

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