Moon Shoes

Big Time Toys Moon Shoes

Put on the Moon Shoes, grab yourself a pack of that yummy Astronaut Ice Cream and enjoy the anti-gravity. The strap-on sandals have adjustable bindings to fit up to a USA men’s size 9.

Moon Shoes

Available in two different colors:

Just as Sea Monkeys are not really a bunch of tiny pink people who wear crowns and hairdos and create ersatz civilizations, so too are Moon Shoes something short of a personal trampoline experience. Still, if you’re careful and have expectations that are somewhat earthbound, these springy little strap-on sandals can be an awful lot of fun. Built for people age seven and up with a maximum weight of 180 pounds, the Moon Boots have adjustable bindings to fit up to a USA men’s size 9. They are constructed of heavy duty plastic but the construction is such that the boots look likely to stay intact. As for how high they bounce, that’s going to depend on the bouncer’s size, leg strength, and bravery. And we would certainly recommend at least caution if not padding.

(Via I New Idea Homepage)

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7 Responses to “Moon Shoes”

  1. oh my sweet jesus i almost broke my ankles and practically just straight up had my feet ripped off at the joint because of these suckers. but oh do i love them ever so much:)

  2. Oh, sounds dangerous. Hehe, I love them too…although I haven’t tried them.

    Thanks for your comment Flooky!

  3. I hate these shoes
    i broke my ankle and neck because of these suckers, so i sued them :'(. Please don’t buy them, only if you want to waste $90,000


  5. heey i reallyreally love them but i live in the netherlands and i cant find them anywhere 🙁

  6. so a take it they wont do a 6year old

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