MollaSpace Peaceful Bomb Vase

Molla Space A Peaceful Bomb Vase

Bombs away! But don’t expect any explosions if you’re using the MollaSpace Peaceful Bomb Vase; you’ll probably hear the crash when it breaks, but other than that, there’s no need to worry or find a safe place to hide. The Peaceful Bomb Vase is a torpedo-shaped vase that was designed to remind the world of life and peace instead of destruction.

You might be wondering why the MollaSpace Peaceful Bomb Vase is described as being a peaceful vase, when it was made to look like a bomb. Just look at the bottom of the vase, and you’ll see a huge peace sign imprinted on it and this vase promotes growth and gentle things like flowers instead of destruction.

For obvious reasons, the Peaceful Bomb Vase kind of reminds me of the Gun Flower Vase and Flower Grenades.

MollaSpace Peaceful Bomb Vase

  • A large peace symbol is embedded on the bottom of the vase
  • Individual
  • Gift box packaging
  • A portion of the sale proceeds are donated to A.N.S.W.E.R.
  • W 7.5 x D 5.9 x H 11 inches

You won’t hear the deafening explosion when this Peaceful Bomb is placed, nor the devastation after the explosion. Instead, you’ll see flowers and plants which are full of life to bring peace to its surroundings.

The MollaSpace Peaceful Bomb Vase is available from Amazon for $52.

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