Mobile Phone Telescope

Generic Mobile Phone Telescope

The flexible adapter on this 7×18 mobile phone telescope allows you to mount it onto just about any phone or PDA. This will take your “phonagraphy” experience to new heights, giving you the option to take high quality photographs easily.

Here’s a video demonstration of the product:


  • 7×18 telescope
  • Use telescope to magnify for near views
  • Lens rotation for adjusting clear image
  • Suitable for any camera phone with 91-109mm length


  • Adjust the length of the adapter and mount it on the camera phone
  • Align the telescope attachment base with the camera lens
  • Screw the telescope to the adapter
  • Adjust the clear focus though the LCD display
  • Take pictures

The Generic Mobile Phone Telescope ($22) is available in six different colors.

Generic Mobile Phone Telescope

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  1. Can’t view the video, but the technology of it looks promising

  2. The video should be working, maybe it was something temporarily.

  3. ok but god for mony

  4. I want a about for mobile telescop.
    How it is work.
    It’s benefit.
    If it is like me i want to purchase.
    Send me information abuot it’s

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