Mini Fridge with MP3, CD, Radio & Alarm Clock

Cooltone Mini Fridge

It may sound a bit weird to squeeze in all these features in a mini fridge, but it’s not such a bad idea if you are short of space and still want to be able to satisfy some of your gadget needs.

The 22 litre Cooltone Mini Fridge ($263) holds twenty 400ml cans, or four 2 litre bottles, or six bottles of wine. The highly efficient recirculating air cooling system is totally environmentally and ozone friendly. It comes with a remote control, CD player, digital radio, alarm clock and integrated speakers.


  • Quick Cool feature – gets the Cooltone cooling within seconds
  • Digital CD Player – fully featured CD player with multi output options, memory, repeat etc.
  • Top Loading CDs – easy to insert and remove CDs. Very cool eject button mechanism!
  • Cool ambient blue lights – both in the CD player and inside the fridge
  • iPod & MP3 Compatible – link your iPod or MP3 player to the CoolTone auxiliary socket via a Stereo 3.5mm Jack to Twin Phono Lead
  • Hook Up External Speakers – if you have speakers you can hook them up to the CoolTone … just remember to adjust the volume first!
  • Digital Radio – 20 Preset stations for F.M band, 12 Preset stations for A.M band. Liquid Crystal Display with snooze function (Note this is not a DAB radio)

(Via TFTS)

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  1. I will like to order for 20 of the fride .And do you accept credit cards as a form of payment

  2. We don’t sell or manufacture products at GeekAlerts. For more info about the “Mini Fridge with MP3, CD, Radio & Alarm Clock”, please follow the link included in the article.

  3. dear

    I’m intersted to buy one of this Fridge as a sample ,
    as much as i got it useful. I’ll order many of them later .
    so can you tell me how can i get it that i’m in Yemen Rebuplic.

    Best regards


  4. the link does not work were can i find it

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