Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure

Minecraft Creeper Vinyl

If you play Minecraft then you already know this guy. After you’ve spent so many hours creating something, you’ve probably had a Creeper come along and destroy it. This guy is evil. But still kind of cute in an 8-bit sort of way. This Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure will look great on your desk.

This 6 inch tall Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure comes with a 2 inch Diamond Block and it is an officially licensed product. It even features articulated joints that move, but don’t worry, it won’t destroy your stuff.

Minecraft Creeper Toy

If you’re not into Minecraft you may not be familiar with these pug-faced little cuboids. But any player who’s every spent hours building something, only to have it wantonly destroyed by a rogue Creeper will know what we’re talking about. Sure they look harmless, but these 8-bit nasties can really ruin your day.

Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure

“That’s a nice everything you have there. It’d be a shame if something happened to it…” Be wary of where you put this Creeper. We would suggest avoiding anything that you’d miss should this Creeper decide to do what they do best.

The 6″ tall Creeper comes with a 2″ Diamond Block accessory. Creeper’s head has ball-jointed articulation.

This cute guy is $29.99 at Jinx.com and is available for pre-order for just £29.99 from Firebox.

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