Minecraft Creeper Anatomy T-Shirt


Everyone loves Minecraft, and the Creeper is one of our personal favorites. But have you ever wondered what the Creeper looks like on the inside? Yeah, we didn’t either until we saw this awesome Minecraft Creeper Anatomy T-Shirt.

As you can see, there’s more to this armless, four legged creature than you might have thought. Sure, we all know that he likes to go BOOM; but who knew he had a spinal cord fuse?

The Creeper (Creepus explodus) is an all-terrain combustible terror of destruction, indigenous to dark caves found deep beneath the earth’s crust, and luxurious neighborhoods with glass houses and nice fancy everythings. In this day of endless mining and crafting, we must arm ourselves with the power of knowledge to combat this force of mobile destruction who terrorize our world. After all, that’s a lovely collection of everything you have there, it would be a shame if ssSSssSSssomething were to happen to it.

You can purchase the Minecraft Creeper Anatomy T-Shirt in a variety of sizes for around $23 at Hot Topic, Amazon.com and J!nx.com.

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