Mindflex Duel

Mindflex Duel

Have you ever had someone tell you that it’s “all in your head?” Well, that’s exactly what you need to channel with the Mindflex Duel because this is the game that will be literally played with just your thoughts (or rather, brain waves.)

To win in Mindflex Duel, you’ve got to concentrate and concentrate hard to get the ball into your opponent’s court. The headgear uses a similar technology to that of EEG, which can “read” the intensity of your brainwaves and move the ball, based on the strength of your waves. So if you’re an intense thinker with a lot of intense thoughts, then you can win this.

Mindflex Duel

Mindflex Duel

Nobody’s going to die using the Mindflex Duel, but it’s a similar mechanic. Strap on the headbands and challenge a weaker minded friend to a duel. Mindflex uses a variation of EEG technology to read the intensity of your brainwaves. When you concentrate, the ball rises. When you relax, it sinks. Force the ball into your opponent’s end zone to win. The console includes 2 headsets, 4 balls, and various parts to set up mind games.

  • Challenge a friend to a battle of minds!
  • Uses a variation of EEG technology to “read” the intensity of your brainwaves
  • Concentrate and the ball will rise (thanks to the fans in the console)
  • Relax and the ball will sink

The Mindflex Duel is available from ThinkGeek for $109.99.

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  1. I got this for my 10 year old nephew and he and his friend loved it.

    The info says it has 6 games but several of those games have single player, duel and cooperative modes so there is actually more than just 6. Also you can adjust the pieces you see in the image in several ways.

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