Mighty Muggs

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mighty muggs

Hasbro has launched a series of really cool 6-inch tall toys available in Star Wars and Marvel characters. Above you can find Boba Fett from Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Spiderman himself.

The asking price is $9.99 and here is a nice overview page of all Mighty Muggs characters over at Hasbro.com.

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5 Responses to “Mighty Muggs”

  1. Gotta love these Mighty Muggs! The newest waves are coming out soon! I suggest some people sign up for the forums! These are gonna be a hit!

  2. Hey check us out a mugglife.proboards57.com ! It’s a forum where we talk about all things Mighty Muggs!

  3. Hasbro really did an excellent job with this line of toys.

  4. Can’t get enought of Muggs!

  5. I have just got into mighty muggs and i’m now addicted. Currently working my way through collecting the Star Wars waves first however in the UK not many retailers seem to stock them, therefore i have to resort to eBay to fuel my addiction.

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