Micro Flight Airplane Carbon Butterfly


If you’ve ever wanted to play with an RC helicopter in your house, then this might be the one for you. The Micro Flight Airplane Carbon Butterfly is tiny and weighs a mere 3.6 grams, but it’s ready to fly almost anywhere.

The Carbon Butterfly comes in an aluminum briefcase and has a 7.5-inch wingspan. It’s one of the smallest RC flyers around.

Product Description
Take the Butterfly with you anywhere in its own protective aluminum briefcase (included!). Incredible 3 gram flying weight and 7 inch Wingspan enables this airplane to be piloted in your living room. A great indoor RC aircraft – do figure-8’s over your coffee table!

  • State of the Art Components
  • Lightest R/C Receiver
  • Innovative Actuator for control surfaces.
  • MultiFunction Transmitter Included with Set
  • Ready To Fly!

The Micro Flight Airplane Carbon Butterfly is available at Microflight.com for $179.99…also for sale at Amazon.com.

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