Micro Bluetooth Headset

Micro Bluetooth Headset

The tiny Argard M10 Bluetooth headset weighs only 5 grams, but still offers a stand-by time of 100 hours and a constant talk time of three hours.

It comes with a very stylish charging dock station and is a breeze to set up. It’s extremely comfortable to wear, and a joy not to have ear loops or cables tugging at your ears.

Micro Bluetooth Headset


  • Possibly one of the world’s smallest Bluetooth headsets.
  • The headset uses Bluetooth Version 1.2, Class 2.
  • An intuitive touch button control system.
  • Push the ‘Talk Button’ on the end of the headset to answer and end your calls.
  • Volume Buttons are located on the headset so you can control the volume without ever having to access your phone.
  • The headset comes with spare earpieces so will fit the larger and smaller lobed person.
  • A stylishly designed black charging cradle.
  • Requires a mains adaptor (included) for charging.
  • A full charge is equal to 3 hours talk time or 100 hours standby.
  • Size: 2.3 x 2.2 x 3.15cm.

The Micro Bluetooth Headset is available at IWOOT for £99.99 (about $197).

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  1. looks like something out of doctor who.

    looks like a bolt

  2. -The headset comes with spare earpieces so will fit the larger and smaller lobed person.

    I thought the lobe was the bit that hangs off the bottom of the ear?


  3. james have u got a iphone and do u have the iwood

  4. It’s a question. Is there an audio version of this? Will itallow you to listen to music as well?

  5. From where I can buy this?

  6. just tell us, how can we buy it?from where?

  7. looking for the motorola micro bluetooth. has it been discontinued? where can we get one?

  8. it is very stylish & i want this

  9. Need more info. Sedt me e mail please! Thanks

  10. how to buy this micro bluetooth headset,?

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