Mickey Mouse Transformer Robot

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Mickey Mouse Transformers Robot

Yes, those popular Transformers robots sure come in all shapes and sizes.

We’ve recently seen these fictional alien robots as iPod speaker docks, learning laptops and a 4-port USB hub. Now you can add Mickey Mouse to that never ending list.

The Mickey Mouse Transformer Robot is sold by Amazon Japan for about $33.

(Rinkya via Technabob)

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2 Responses to “Mickey Mouse Transformer Robot”

  1. Disney doesn’t miss a beat. Always ready to market whatever is popular at the time.

  2. virtual world games for kids Reply April 30, 2009 at 12:25 am

    Haha! this is cute! Mickey Transformer. They even remembered to add in a tiny Mickey at the top! The might want to come out with Minnie too!

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