Messograf Caliper Pen

Messograf Caliper Pen

Why just use a pen for writing, when it it be a multi-function tool? This Messograf Caliper Pen servers several purposes. First, it s a retractable ballpoint pen, and a damn cool looking one at that. Second, it is a Vernier caliper that can be used to very precisely measure objects up to 4″ long. Third, it provides tire tread depth and metric screw thread scales.

Vernier Caliper Pen

Geeks are stereotyped as dorks wearing pocket protectors. While I’ve never worn or even owned a pocket protector, I certainly wouldn’t wouldn’t be ashamed to have this Messograf Caliper Pen. Plus it is made in Germany, so I feel it is likely to work very good and offer very precise measurements, which is important for a Vernier caliper.

Caliper Pen

Product Specifications

  • Made in Germany and is the best looking pen on the block
  • It’s a pen, it’s a Vernier caliper, it’ll check your tire tread!
  • Retractable ballpoint pen to mark down your measurements
  • 4″ exterior Vernier caliper (0.1mm metric and 1/16 inch scale)
  • Metric screw thread scale and tire tread depth scale, too!

Order the Messograf Caliper Pen for $24.99 from

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